Covert Gun And Gear Bags – A Different Take For The Grey Man Concept

This post will be the first in a series concerning The Grey Man Concept.


Most firearm owners, especially tactical gun owners, can be “gear-dos.” However, this can present an issue when one needs to maintain a low profile. Even when labeled “Covert” most tactical rifle cases scream Black Gun, Tactical, or Military.


A possible option for a low profile, covert, gun and gear case is the field hockey bag. Most can be had for under $100. While these bags are not designed specifically to hold a rifle and associated gear, it would not be difficult to modify it in order to do so. A quick Google search was conducted and the following four links were in quick order:

All four bags would fit a 16″ carbine and associated gear quite nicely. A couple of the larger ones might even fit a full length rifle.


Most casual observers of such bags would not even think twice about what the bags would be holding. This would be helpful in a traveling situation or in a non-permissive environment.


Has anyone done this? What were advantages or disadvantages to this approach?



  1. Learn at least a little of the terminology of the game, to stand up to cursory questioning from casually-encountered people. Noting too involved; after all, if they get too inquisitive you can always say you’re new to the game and break contact.

    All in all, a GREAT idea, this site!



  2. Interesting post. thinking outside the box I guess, good stuff. To add to bill’s comment if you are wanting to blend in may want to think about clothes your wearing too. maybe just go easy on the camo as field hockey players generally don’t show up to a game like that 🙂



    1. Thanks for the comment Jacob. Absolutely agree. Part of the grey man concept is to not stand out unnecessarily, especially with clothing. How many people can you spot as Military or LEO just by the clothes that they wear, or by their grooming, etc.



  3. I had this idea for quite a while also looked into tripod and electric keyboard protective cases the only downside to the field hockey bags is if field hockey is not a prolific sport in your area you would stand out quite a bit cool article though



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