Review: DPMS Oracle .308 Rifle

A cadence of fire after zeroing the RDS.

A cadence of fire after zeroing the RDS.

I had been wanting a .308 rifle for some time. Circumstances finally allowed me to acquire an entry level rifle. I purchased a DPMS Oracle two months ago. I was able to finally put 20 rounds through it in a very brief range session.

First I zeroed the Primary Arms Red Dot Sight that I had already. The plan is to eventually put on a 1-6x Primary Arms scope. But in order to start shooting, I went ahead and put on the RDS first. The zero only took 6 rounds. Not super tight, but close enough for what I was needing. It was at this time that I decided to try my Magpul CTR stock as well. The DPMS comes with a factory PARDUS stock. I did not like the looks of it, so I had a standard M4 stock that I had painted as an experiment. However, the .308 has a definite stouter recoil, so I wanted to try my CTR that had a rubber recoil pad on it. Much better.

The trigger pull seemed okay. Standard milspec trigger. Recoil was less than what I was expecting overall.

Once I am able to take about 60 rounds to the range, I plan on doing a more thorough test of the rifle. There are more changes I am planning for this rifle. I am looking to put on a 12-15 inch free float handguard, change the pistol grip, permanently change the buttstock, and put a muzzle device on it as well.

I will keep you posted.


Clayton Shackelford



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