In Home Protection. Bed Holsters – Never Wake Up Unprepared.

The need to protect ourselves in our own home is ever growing. For those of us that will never surrender that right, we need to do it with speed, accuracy, and the fluidity that will not allow us to miss our target.

I have always felt that we are at our most vulnerable when we are asleep inside our homes, I wanted a way to be ready without allowing an intruder to know they had been HAD. I wanted the element of surprise over them, not the other way around.

I looked into bed holsters, and believe it or not they are not all the same! In fact, some may prove to be very frustrating and also leave you feeling like you would rather sleep with your weapon under your pillow than trust the holster. I bought a basic holster, a “one size fits all.” It had very rigid design, a flat plate for between the mattress, and a double slot hard leather holster attached.

Bed Holster 1

Above is the exact holster I purchased; the price was a little high for the quality coming in at around $29.99. Once I had it home I thought I would get used to how the weapon draws from the holster. Immediately I noticed that you had to bring your arm up in a very awkward and uncomfortable position, straight up to clear the barrel from the holster, when really what I wanted was for the weapon to slide out at an angle to save time. I also noticed the leather was not forgiving, it was very hard and rigid, and it did not really allow for much movement even though this is supposed to be a universal holster, my .44 MAG was very tight once inside the holster and most times would pull the holster up as I tried to draw.

Bed Holster 2

This is the ACE CASE, sold by Big Daddy Holsters. Coming in a variety of sizes and prices it allows you to adjust the angle so the weapon can be unholstered in more of a natural motion. It is not made from any type of rigid material, the weapon can move in and out of the holster freely. This makes for a smooth transition from the holster to our target.

We have very little time to react when we must react, every second counts and that became painfully clear when I did not feel comfortable drawing my weapon from the first bed holster. Maybe you’re a fan of the bed holster, maybe not if you are give it a try and see if it makes the difference you need. We are in our own home; an intruder should never have the element of surprise.

degarmo author pic 2

SGT Eric DeGarmo


Just How Safe Is Your Neighborhood?

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In most cases, family comes first, then friends and neighbors if possible. Some folks plan ahead for this. Others do not or cannot. Being prepared includes preparing for the mental stress that these kinds of situations can bring. The other part of this is how relationships are damaged and destroyed during these extraordinary times. Study how people in small villages treated each other long after similar events. Survivor guilt and survivor anger can be present for a long time.