The Enemy of Good is Perfect. The 80% Solution.

Perfection is always a good goal. However, as the title suggests, oftentimes the pursuit of perfection blinds us to what may just be a good solution. This is especially true in the shooting world. How many of us have heard the arguments advocating this caliber or that platform or this piece of gear? I think the counter argument to that is look at the history of guerilla warfare and how the more “poorly” equipped guerilla puts the technically advanced soldiers on their heels. I am not going to discuss politics here, but suffice it to say, talk to any combat veteran of Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan to get their opinion on just how deadly a poorly equipped guerilla can be.

Here at Cohort One Five we discuss the reality of most folks who do not have a lot of money to spend on firearms or gear. The struggle is real. While many of us would love to have the gun room and the latest, hottest gear, the truth is, most of us strive just to be able to equip us and our family members with just a basic battery of arms, if even that.

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