A Plug For A Great Company!

Gadsden Dynamics is have a site wide sale this week. Use the coupon code in the picture below. Andy is a great guy to work with. All of the products from Gadsden Dynamics are made right here in the good ole USA.

Also you can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gadsdendynamics/

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You Do Have A Blow Out Kit In Your Vehicle, Right?


During the middle of last month, I was moving my family from our home in far west Texas to our new home in Arizona. We had been on the road for only 45 minutes when a car that was eastbound on the road we were on, crossed over the centerline and struck our moving truck nearly head on. I say nearly head on due to the fact that I was trying to avoid a full head on collision when the impact occurred. My 14 year old son was in the cab of the truck with me. My wife and other children were in the family mini van directly behind me. They witnessed the impact between the two vehicles.

After our truck came to a rather abrupt halt, my son and I quickly checked each other and exited the cab via the passenger side. We made sure that the rest of the family was safe. They were physically, but very upset mentally and emotionally. That is when I turned to see about the other vehicle.

Understand that I am being vague on certain details. However, suffice it to say that the other driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was very messed up, but still alive, yet unconscious when I approached his vehicle. There were other bystanders near the vehicle, but no one was attempted to assist in any way the other driver. After assessing the situation, we had to start basic aid to stabilize his head and control bleeding with the blowout kit I keep with me when I drive. I started shouting out his list of visible injuries to folks who were on the phone with 911 so that the responding EMS and Fire Department personnel had an idea of what they were dealing with upon arrival on the scene.

I stayed with the driver, trying to get him to respond to vocal stimulus until the Fire Department arrived. I stepped back while they cut open his door. The driver was life flighted to the hospital. My son and I walked away with minor bumps and bruises. We still have not heard more about the other driver since the event.

Get medical training, even if it is a basic first aid course. Get the basic blowout kit and learn how to use it. It can save a life.



Clayton Shackelford