Tier 1 Concealment Agis Rig Review

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The state that I am currently residing in is a Constitutional Carry state. That said, I have been wearing this Agis rig from Tier 1 Concealment for nearly five months.

Yes. I prefer the AIWB carry style.

The big thing that I like about this rig is the flexibility it provides. In the picture above you can see how it looks when the holster and magazine carrier are mated together.

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Here is the flexibility I am referring to. If I need to I can quickly separate the holster and carrier and adjust them to my waistband. Most of the time this is unnecessary, but I like the ability I have at hand.

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The region I am in has hot weather a big chunk of the year, so the full sweat guard is a bonus.

As you can see, right now I run a mostly stock Glock 19. I have added a Grip Force Adaptor and that is it. One day I would like to run an optic on this pistol. It would not take much to adapt the holster as well.

The only thing I changed on the holster was the addition of Bravo Concealment IWB Belt Clips. I wanted a deeper concealment, and the Bravo Concealment belt clips afforded that depth.

I wear this rig almost daily and have been very pleased with it.

I will continue to let you know about this rig as time goes on.