Another One For The Grey Man File

Arminius over at We are the New Barbarians saw a new purpose for a 26″ tool box.

He based his idea off a Matt Bracken essay called “Just A Working Man With His Tools.”



Covert Gun And Gear Bags – A Different Take For The Grey Man Concept

This post will be the first in a series concerning The Grey Man Concept.


Most firearm owners, especially tactical gun owners, can be “gear-dos.” However, this can present an issue when one needs to maintain a low profile. Even when labeled “Covert” most tactical rifle cases scream Black Gun, Tactical, or Military.


A possible option for a low profile, covert, gun and gear case is the field hockey bag. Most can be had for under $100. While these bags are not designed specifically to hold a rifle and associated gear, it would not be difficult to modify it in order to do so. A quick Google search was conducted and the following four links were in quick order:

All four bags would fit a 16″ carbine and associated gear quite nicely. A couple of the larger ones might even fit a full length rifle.


Most casual observers of such bags would not even think twice about what the bags would be holding. This would be helpful in a traveling situation or in a non-permissive environment.


Has anyone done this? What were advantages or disadvantages to this approach?